bizPROFI Pilot Registration & Consent

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Pilot Registration & Consent
"Thank you for agreeing to participate in our test of the bizPROFI business English app. We hope you will find that it is more fun and effective than homework!" -- Danielle Rowley

By completing the form below, you agree to participate in this study to evaluate the bizPROFI competency-based learning system.

(40 unique chars from iTunes or UDID App)

Pilot Privacy Policy

Information collected during this pilot will be used to evaluate the learning benefits of the bizPROFI system.

Information that identifies you, such as your name, email address, and device ID, will not be shared

Note for Apple Users

To participate in this "Pilot," you must choose the method in which to run bizPROFI.

The standard method uses "TestFlight" (from Apple) to run within a "pilot-management" framework.

An alternative, called Ad Hoc Distribution, requires that you provide us with the Unique Device ID (UDID) of your iPhone or iPad. To obtain your UDID, connect your device to a PC or Mac that's running iTunes. Click on the serial# of your device, and you'll see a 40 digit UDID code. You can copy this to the clipboard.

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